What is Ratecycle app?

A self-directed savings app.

Which type of accounts have savings plans?

  • Self-Directed TFSA 
  • Self-Directed RESP

Why Self-Directed over Branch-Directed? (TFSA’s & RESP’s)

Branch-Directed – investment savings services are limited to in house funds, with less options.

Self-Directed – investment savings services such as Ratecycle will still have access to third-party funds, allowing you to unlock more options. 

NOTE: An upcoming rule change has prompted banks to no longer offer third-party mutual funds (with exceptions such as Self Directed Investing or independent financial companies). Read More

Ratecycle provides innovative tools and services to simplify investing for your Self Directed account at the bank.

Take control of your investment savings.

Be Self-Directed.


Who makes the investment decisions in the Self-Directed Account?

The account is self-directed. You (“the subscriber”) are solely responsible for all decisions made.

Ratecycle provides a focused investment selection, and updates you with customized research to make understanding your decision easier.

What are Ratecycle’s savings products?

  • Ratecycle Star Ratings
  • Ratecycle Rosters

Why is investment research important?

One size does not always fit all. Every investor has different goals, time horizons, and incomes. One investment strategy cannot fit everyone’s needs, which is the advantage of Ratecycle.

The Ratecycle subscription ensures you have a customized savings plan

What type of financial research does Ratecycle provide?

Ratecycle provides quantitative and technical research for mutual funds available through your financial institutions self-directed department.

How often does Ratecycle update research?

We update research on a monthly basis. 

What is the Ratecycle research selection process?

There are close to 140 fund management firms in Canada offering more than 4,000 funds.

Ratecycle’s roster provides content for approximately ten (10) select funds in each category on the platform.

Ratecycle factors basic fund selection elements (eg. your goals, risk tolerance and time horizon), along with quantitative back end research

We take care of the research, you just pick the fund that’s best for you.

Is my money locked in?


You can withdraw money from the Self-Directed Account at your financial institution online anytime.



Ratecycle simply provides the savings plan and content to guide your financial decisions

Ratecycle Research does not engage in investment banking, brokerage, market making or asset management activities of any securities for any individual. 

The Ratecycle platform is designed to be user-friendly, should you require investment assistance please contact your financial advisor.


Does Ratecycle charge any fees outside the annual subscription fee?


We do not charge any additional fees. 

What are the minimum to start a savings plan?

  1.  $500.00

(There is a “Savings Starter Program” for those saving for education who are unable to meet the initial savings minimum requirement)

What is the Ratecycle app launch process?

The app will roll out in quarterly set phases. 

  • 1st Phase: Roster and Ratings Access (Available)
  • 2nd Phase: Ratecycle App launch (2022)

An email will be sent exclusively to subscribers for roll out updates.

Subscribers during Waiting List will have access migrated to the Ratecycle App.

What is the Ratecycle set up process?

Ratecycle helps you manage your investment savings through our customized savings plans at your bank. We’ll ask basic questions in the “Waiting List” to assess which savings plan best suits your goals.

We will correspond with you via email to complete the registration process, which can be active within 48 hours.

There is no need to change your primary banking relationship to take advantage of our service.

Ratecycle app is compatible with customers of the following banks:

  1. RBC
  2. CIBC
  3. Scotia
  4. BMO 
  5. TD

Simply take control of your investment savings.


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